Top 5 Brands in India [for Backpain Free Mattress]

Best Mattress Brands in India

  • Kurl-on mattress

These mattresses are manufactured from the best products and the latest technology to give you the best user experience. It offers four types of mattresses with a therapeutic mattress being the most unique one and in demand.

  • Sleep well

Sleep well has been one of the best mattress providers in India since long. It has a 9001 ISO certification and the company makes use of the latest global technology in their production unit.

  • Restonic

These mattresses come in two different collections; comfort care collection and the rest care collection. The company is extremely active on providing the best product to their customers and offers a wide range of products.

  • Sleep zone

Sleep zone is amongst the top spring mattress manufacturers in India. Being in the business for more than a decade, the company offers spring as well as non-spring mattresses. It produces mattress for domestic and commercial customers such as hotels.

  • Duro Flex

Duroflex manufactures its mattress with the fully prone system to make sure the customers enjoy the best sleep.

Factors to consider before buying a mattress

  • Bed Size
  • Quality of the Mattress
  • Warranty
  • The material used to make the Mattress
  • Comfort

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